Unscented Pure CBD Handmade Soap

Organic coconut oil infused with wholeplant CBD
R 70,00
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Picture of CannaCaps 60's

CannaCaps 60's

(Weaker Caps) Organic Vegicaps filled with activated Coconut oil and allowable percentage of Cannabinoids. This is a wholeplant product made from Cannabis NOT Hemp so contains the full entourage effect. Less than 0.03% THC
R 800,00
Picture of Healing Balm 68g

Healing Balm 68g

Organic coconut and Shea Butter infused with whole-flower Cannabis extract.
R 350,00
Picture of CannaMeds Pet Oil 30ml

CannaMeds Pet Oil 30ml

Specially formulated for micro-dosing of even the smallest pets
R 420,00
Picture of CannaMeds Sleepytime Tea 15 x 4.5g  (60g tea)

CannaMeds Sleepytime Tea 15 x 4.5g (60g tea)

The tea contains Rooibos, Chamomile, Motherwort, Green Tea Cannabis and delicious cannabis honey crumble.
R 430,00