Massage Oil

Hand blended with only the best oils to ensure a luxurious and relaxing experience for your skin. 200ml
R 250.00

The process was started 22 months ago, pressing midnight Jasmine and steeping botanicals in carefully selected oils. We made our own perfume for this one by using Nagchampa and Chamomile, Hibiscus flower and Jasmine, Sour Diesel Cannabis flowers, White Widow in Avocado oil, Frankincense, Fresh lemon Verbena and dried baby Roses. Very Limited Stock available

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Stoner Girl Gift Box

Spoil your stoner pal with this fun gift! Each Box Contains: 1 x Bong Bag 1 x Stoner Buff 3 x Packs of incense 1 x Pack of Rolling Papers 1 x Ashtray OR a pack of Cones 1 x Bottle of Hemp Wick (4 Meters) 1 x Organic Solid Perfume 1 x Set of mini Shampoo Bars 1 x Mini Weed Soap 1 x Weed Necklace 1 x Cute Pin
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Infused Apple Ginger Hot Sauce

In collaboration with Dragon's Breath Hot Sauce. a lovely Apple Ginger flavour infused with our strong Cannabis oil, 19% THC. Shake well before use. Keep Refrigerated. 125ml
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