Organic CBD MCT Oil (High Potency)

MCT oil infused with concentrated organic whole plant cannabis extract for those who need a stronger dosage.
R 700.00

The Cannabis and Hemp plants differ in many ways, but most importantly for us is the fact that the industrial hemp plant used for almost every over the counter CBD product today, has really only CBD.

The cannabis plant however contains more than 212 cannabinoids and more are discovered with each new research.  Human as well as animals have an endocannabinoid system which works almost like a puzzle.  Every part of our body has cannabinoid receptors..... imagine your body being the completed puzzle and the different cannabinoids are the puzzle pieces.  With cannabis you will get to fill every gap of your puzzle.   With hemp however you will only fill two or three gaps.....  think about how important this is.

Our products are made in small batches using carefully selected strains of cannabis seeds imported from specialised seed banks in the US.  We are in control of every process, from seed to oil.  Only the best organic ingredients are used as well as only the purest extraction method.  We use absolutely no butane, C02, alcohol or other chemicals.  Our age old methods of infusion gives you the best possible product every time.

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