Full Spectrum Cannabis derived full entourage Cannabinoids infused into MCT oil

MCT oil infused with organic whole plant Cannabinoids as per legally allowed standards. Please note CBD only products from Industrial Hemp even though called FullSpectrum will ONLY contain CBD
R 800,00

MCT oil infused with organic whole plant Cannabinoids. Does contain minimum allowed percentage of THC as this is necessary for the healing of serious pain and chronic illness.  Please research the Entourage Effect and what the benefits are of wholeplant medicine as opposed to Hemp derived CBD.  Over the counter Hemp CBD contains ONLY CBD AND THEREFORE IS NOT EFFICIENT FOR HEALTH.

Your body has en ENdocannabinoid system and this needs EVERY Single Cannabinoid found in CANNABIS NOT HEMP.  OVER 212 AND COUNTING PLUS TERPENES AND FLAVONOIDS NOT FOUND IN HEMP

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